RADEQUAL – Challenging extremism in communities

MYZ and our partners – Nurturing Foundations, Mad Theatre, and New Testament Church Of God – have been working together on the RADEQUAL project. RADEQUAL is aimed at getting into communities and neighbourhoods early, having honest and often difficult conversations and working together to address and prevent some of the factors that could lead individuals to engage in extremism

The Purpose of the RADEQUAL Project is:

#1: Challenge

Identify and understand the concerns and challenges across and within communities that can create divisions and tension.  Not just with stats and research, but also looking at real life events and incidents, and people’s attitudes and behaviours.

#2: Connect

Connecting communities and building relationships.  Creating a network of credible voices and working together to make a difference.

#3: Champion

Champion Manchester’s reputation for equality, inclusion and celebrating diversity.  Looking at what we all have in common, and preparing people for difficult questions.  Encourage critical thinking in communities to help build resilience against extremism.

How it works

Peer educators received training to increase knowledge and understanding of the impact hatful extremism has on victims and the community.  Following this training peer educators planned their own session, using their new knowledge and insight into what types of activities would reach other young people.

They worked with their leaders and got to try out their activities on peer educators from different community partners.  This type of was very attractive to young people interested in leadership, youth work and teaching.

All participants received a certificate regarding the work they have contributed towards this project.  

All of our resources and sessions plans we have developed over the course of the RADEQAUL project are available for youth workers and other community organisations to use.

Please follow the link below to access this year’s resources and keep check this page for further updates.

This project was funded by Manchester City Council.