Manchester Youth Zone is in one of the most deprived areas in England. We provide a unique, safe place for young people to recognise their potential, make positive choices and gain the confidence to succeed in life.

Look what a donation from you could do for young people in North Manchester:

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  • Membership £5

    £5 covers the annual membership for a young person - they will be able to take part in the wide variety of activities and projects at MYZ!

  • Cooking Sessions £120

    1 month of Cooking Sessions and ingredients for 3 young people to learn valuable life skills.

  • Hot & Nutritious Meals £1,000

    Feed 10 young people on evening sessions for a whole year.

  • Young Leaders Programme £5,000

    Contribute to our Young Leaders programme, providing 14-18 year olds with leadership training.

  • Maker Space £10,000

    Inspire 100 young people in our Maker Space, helping them to develop and launch products for their own businesses.

  • Junior Choices Programme £20,000

    Help 30 young people aged 9-13, vulnerable to child criminal exploitation, to take part in our Junior Choices programme.

Donate Today

As a charity, we can’t fulfil our goals without your help. You can donate…

PayPal makes it easy for you to donate money to help our young people achieve their potential.


Please make cheques payable to “The Manchester Youth Zone” and post to:

Hannah Wright, Head of Development: Manchester Youth Zone, 931 Rochdale Road, Manchester M9 8AE.


Anything we can use with our young people is always welcome at MYZ! Call us on 0161 203 5333 to donate items or equipment. You can also have a look at our Amazon Wish List!


You can give back to your community and meet new people and gain new skills. It’s a win/win! Sign up to become an MYZ Volunteer.