The Strive Program

Our approach leverages the transformative power of sports, arts, and adventurous activities to instill confidence, foster self-worth, cultivate leadership skills, and provide positive role models in the lives of these young individuals. By participating in our program, they will have the opportunity to forge new friendships, as well as improve their existing relationships with both peers and adults.

The Strive Program is split into two distinct cohorts, each with its own focus and objectives. The first cohort caters to young individuals who are susceptible to engaging in anti-social behaviour or being led astray. Often, these individuals display limited interest in education and are prone to further disengagement as they mature. The second cohort, on the other hand, targets young people who require assistance in enhancing their self-esteem. Within this group, we strive to challenge participants beyond their comfort zones, enabling them to see their true potential.

Regardless of skill level, we welcome all young people to join our program, including existing members of the Youth Zone and newcomers alike.

Please note that this initiative operates exclusively through referrals. If you would like to learn more about the Strive program or refer a young person, please feel free to utilize the contact form below or contact Danny and Phil directly at 0161 203 5333.

About the Strive Programme

Weeks 1-2:

Intensive 1:1 sessions (4 in total per young person) and working with small groups with the Strive team to build key relationships and set goals. 

Weeks 3-9:

Groups of 10 will take part in team-building sports, such as football and basketball. There will also be more challenging activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and water sports. There will be 1:1 support to review long-term goals and provide positive feedback.

Week 10:

Celebration Week! The young people will also be directed to other suitable programmes and agencies, including being a fully integrated member of Manchester Youth Zone. 


There may also be exciting opportunities for young people to go on a five-day residential to the Lake District. The brand new environment pushes them out of their comfort zone to develop their confidence and interpersonal skills. 


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Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson

Sports Intervention Worker

Watching young people rise to the challenge of football, skateboarding, rock climbing, or mountain biking shows me – and them – they are capable of anything.