2021 / 2022 – RADEQUAL Resources

RADEQUAL aims to identify and understand the concerns and challenges in our communities and resolve division and tension.

Young people from North Manchester have worked together to create resources for use in schools, youth groups, community centres and beyond.  Please watch, listen and read – and let us know what you think!

Manchester Youth Zone

What would you do if you saw extremist behaviour at school?  How would you feel if someone close to you was being targeted?  Would you know what to do?

This video, written and performed by young people from Manchester Youth Zone, gives two different points of view on the same situation.

Throughout the video there are questions you can use in your classroom or setting to start conversations and help young people understand how to get help and support.  

MaD Theatre

Young people from MaD Theatre discuss extremism, prejudice and society in this podcast excerpt.  

As a collective they talk about recent events and history, try and understand how people can become radicalised and what we as individuals and society can do to protect ourselves.



The Story of Kyle was created and written by young people from New Testament Church of God.

Kyle is an ordinary young man who lives in North Manchester. He has friends, family, neighbours just like everybody else.  Lately though, life has been getting harder and he is looking for someone to blame…

Follow the story to find out what happened next and where to find support when things get tough.

Nurturing Foundations

Challenging themselves to write and perform a drama, young people from Nurturing Foundations created an adaptable script that can be used by young people in any setting.

Try different ways of performing it and see how your feelings change when you take on the part of the bully, or the teacher or the bystander.

You can even try writing the next scenes – what happens next?