“I would recommend Junior Choices to other people
so it could change their life the way it changed mine.”

Meet Shaun – when he was younger he would hang out with older kids who would force him to do things which led to him being threatened with exclusion from school.

Shaun was referred to our Junior Choices programme – a 10-week intervention programme – where he has built up his confidence and learnt to enjoy meeting and helping new friends. 

“I managed to face my fear to climb a mountain”

10 year old Tom is such an inspiration, challenging himself at every opportunity. He’s really flourished at Manchester Youth Zone, getting involved with all our activities and he even conquered his fear of water on the Outward Bound trip! 

At our #ThisYouthCan Awards 2018, Tom won Keolisamey Metrolink’s EXTRA MILE AWARD! 

“I want to inspire a lot of young people to do what I’ve done…
I’m very honoured and proud to be a part of Manchester Youth Zone”

From attending the Youth Zone when it first opened, to helping to inspire kids like him as one of our Youth Workers, Alec has grown, learnt, and given back so much at MYZ!

Check out this episode of #ThisYouthCan to learn more about Alec’s journey with football and youth work.