#ThisYouthCan Awards 2018

Last week we hosted Manchester Youth Zone’s first ever #ThisYouthCan Awards, kindly sponsored by e3creative! Supporters, friends, and family joined us to celebrate the achievements of young people in North Manchester. 

We are always grateful to our supporters for all the time and resources they invest in Manchester Youth Zone, but #ThisYouthCan is an opportunity to show how incredibly proud we are of all the winners and nominees that make Manchester Youth Zone such a fantastic place! Their resilience, determination, and upbeat personalities are inspiring! 

#ThisYouthCan was a brilliant, fun-filled evening and you can find photographs on our Flickr album here. However, we don’t just celebrate young people one night a year, so follow us on Facebook,TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram for more!

Rising Star Award
Sponsored by Heather Crosby

A young person who, despite having faced personal obstacles, is showing great resilience.

Winner: Millie Wallbank
Nominees: Ben Whiteley, Success Amos Omonor


Personality of the Year

A young person who is always happy and upbeat, kind to everyone and a general pleasure to be around.

Winner: Braedon Brown
Nominees: Olivia Bucknall, Joseph Mendy


KeolisAmey Metrolink’s
Extra Mile Award

A young person who has faced their fears and stepped out of their comfort zone.

Winner: Thomas Moran
Nominees: Troy Drummond-Welsh, Nuria Nasrad


Above and Beyond Award

A young person who has gone above and beyond what was expected of asked of them.

Winner: Hannah Potts
Nominees: Alfie Wallbank, Victoria Rataj


MoneyPlus Group’s
Inspirational Young Person 

This young person has not only had their own obstacles to overcome, but are also a helping hand and a voice to other young people. 

Winner: Samuel Remi-Akinwali
Nominees: Paul Blake, Kian Edge


The JD Foundation’s 
Young Superstar of the Year

A young person who is always looking to help out and provides brilliant assistance to staff.

Winner: Summer Kirkman
Nominees: Louis Holton-Wescott, Tara Morgan


Team Player of the Year

Sports award for a young person that works really well in a team. They don’t just play well with the other people already on the team, but they encourage others to get involved and try out the sport.

Winner: Olivia Caffery
Nominees: Tome Whitely, Liam Fogg


Eric Wright Charitable Trust’s
Young Leader of the Year

A young person who is on/has completed the Young Leaders programme and has really thrived and gone above what would be expected.

Winners: Jak Stocks and Jake Lindley
Nominees: Semilogo Adesegun, Lucy Szoltysek


Manchester College’s
Educational Achiever of the Year

A young person that has overcome barriers, developed new skills, and improved their educational prospects. 

Winner: Shaun Difference
Nominees: Jack O’Brien, Hannah Potts

Young Achiever of the Year

A young person who has gone into employment, training or education, overcoming substantial barriers to transform their lives. 

Winner: Jayden Stott
Nominee: Nicole Watson


Community Impact Award

A young person who has made a really positive contribution to their local community, not just at the Youth Zone but also in the wider area.

Winner: Aaron Omotosho
Nominees: Katie Thompson, Samuel Remi-Akinwale


Breakthrough Award

A young person who has broken through personal barriers and come out the other side.

Winner: Lee Smith
Nominees: Stephen Moran, Amelia McCallum


Mentoring Partnerships of the Year

A mentoring partnership showing phenomenal support and a great relationship between mentor and mentee. 

Winner: Ashley and James
Nominees: Jake and Dan, Ellie and Hannah


Young Ambassador of the Year

A young person who volunteers their time to share their personal experience of the Youth Zone. They inspire both peers and supporters. 

Winner: Hallie-Codie Lusty
Nominees: Mo Hafeez, Savannah Johnson


Inspirational Alumni Award

Someone who used to be a member of the Youth Zone but is now over the membership age, working with others to raise their aspirations and have overcome their own obstacles to get to where they are today. 

Winner: Rasheed Yusuff
Nominees: Alec Mudimu, Shannon Parker