#ThisYouthCan Awards 2019

On Wednesday 16th October, we held our 2nd annual #ThisYouthCan awards to celebrate some of the fantastic achievements of our young people. 

As we continue to be inspired by the strength, resilience and determination of our young people – we once again opened the doors for an evening of celebration, and to hear some of the amazing stories that have come from the Youth Zone throughout 2019. 

A huge thank you goes to our award sponsors; MoneyPlus Group, CarFinance 247 and Bedspace. Massive thanks also goes to Clear Marketing for providing the set. 

Winners are: 


  1. Rising Star Award: A young person who, despite having faced personal obstacles, is showing great resilience.

Finalist: Rhia Jones

Finalist: Alfie Hindley

Winner: Beth Tarry


  1. Personality of the Year: A young person who is always happy and upbeat, kind to everyone and a general pleasure to be around.

Winner: Radiya Asif

Finalist: Sylverstre & Sylvere

Finalist: Ziah Watson


  1. BedSpace’s Extra Mile Award: A Young Person who has faced their fears and stepped out of their comfort zone.

Finalist: Cydney Hackett

Finalist: Morgan Crowley

Winner: Patrick Mendy


  1. Inspirational Young Person of the Year: This young person has not only had their own obstacles to overcome but are also a helping hand and a voice to other young people.

Winner: Presley McCann

Finalist: Savannah Joynson

Finalist: Josh Ahmiamadi


  1. Young Superstar of the Year: A Young Person who is always looking to help out and provides brilliant assistance to staff.

Finalist: Ben Tu

Winner: Alex Hackett

Finalist: Caleb Cunningham


  1. Above and Beyond Award: A young person who has gone above and beyond what was expected or asked of them

Winner: Kelly Tarry

Finalist: Paul Wilson

Finalist: Joseph Mendy


  1. Team Player of the Year: Sports award for a young person that works really well in a team. They don’t just play well with the people already ready on the team, but they encourage others to get involved and try out the sport.

Winner: Chris Tu

Finalist: Reece Fogg

Finalist: Great Onamor

Finalist: Khayson Amero-Frago


  1. CarFinance 247’s Educational Achiever of the Year: A Young Person that has overcome barriers, developed new skills and improved their education prospects.

Finalist: Olivia Bucknall

Winner: Jenareen Renshaw

Finalist: Ria Jaham Bhuiyan


  1. Young Leader of the Year: A young person who is on/or has completed the young leaders programme and has really thrived

Finalist: Mo Hafeez

Winner: Lee Smith

Finalist: Amelia McCallum


  1. Community Impact Award: A young person who has made a really positive contribution to their local community, not just at the Youth Zone but also in the wider area.

Finalist: Home is Here Project

Finalist: #ManchesterYouthCan

Winner: Learn2Lead


11. MoneyPlus Groups Young Achiever of the Year: A young person who has gone into employment, training or education, overcoming substantial barriers to transform their lives.

Winner: Annalise Egwale

Finalist: Billy O’Neil

Finalist: Nicole Watson


  1. Breakthrough Award: A young person who has broken through personal barriers and come out the other side.

Finalist: Kane Salthouse

Winner: Natasha Clarke-Davies

Finalist: Surayah Robinson


  1. Volunteer of the Year Award: A volunteer who makes everything that we do here possible. They are always happy to lend a hand and we couldn’t do without them.

Finalist: Ayeshah Sarwar

Winner: David Shanahan

Finalist: Abasi-Ubong Ekpenyong