STEM Holiday Club Week 2: STEM Harder

Manchester Youth Zone’s Summer Holiday Club went off to a flying start in the first week (click here to read all about it!) and there were lots more interesting and fun STEM sessions this week! 

Fatbergs with Lanes Group 

It wasn’t the most pleasant way to start the week (especially for the unlucky groups who had this session straight after eating!) but STEM Ambassadors from Lanes Group showed our young people how non-biodegradable matter – like nappies or cooking fat – can get stuck in our drains and form ‘fatbergs‘. Only Google them if you have a strong stomach. 

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Inside Computers with Ten Computers

Today’s young people have been born into a digital world where computers, mobile phones and games consoles are common place. Richard and Hasan from Ten Computers gave our Members an inside look into the parts that make up computers and how they work. It was a great opportunity to learn how electronics they use every day work, without getting into trouble for dismantling their parents’ phones! 

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Lego with Engie

Using LEGO bricks is the perfect opportunity for building fine motor skills and cooperative play! Paul from Engie returned to help our Members build towers and other structures, which encouraged teamwork and introduce fundamental engineering skills.

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NHS Careers with Greater Manchester NHS Careers Hub

Josie from the NHS Careers Hub delivered an interactive activity which introduced some of the thousands of careers available in health and social care. Members thought about how STEM is used at each point of a patient’s journey in the NHS, from checking in to A&E to operations and rehabilitative care. 

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