A Spooky Trip to ANS…

A group of Juniors, a couple of Seniors and some of our Young Leaders donned their best Halloween themed face paint, armed themselves with some tasty treats and visited one of The Factory’s founding patrons –  ANS,  last week.

The aim of the visit was to take a taste of The Factory Youth Zone to the offices of the long term supporting Cloud Service Provider, and to thank them for their continued support over the last five years. It was a fantastic opportunity for the young people involved, some of whom had never been in an office environment before and offered them insight into the many jobs contained within one business. As cake, sweets and jack o’lantern themed satsumas were delivered to desks, the young people spoke with employees, asking questions about their roles and the routes they’d taken to get into their current roles.

  It was also really interesting for them to meet one employee, who himself had been a member at The Factory and now works in the support team at ANS. One of the main objectives of The Factory Youth Zone is to raise the aspirations of young people – and what better way than seeing the journey of a previous member!