The North Manchester Network brings organisations together to work towards a common goal:  help young people across North Manchester. 

These organisations support young people from a wide range of backgrounds, giving them access to a variety of provisions including sport, art, drama, employability, training, and social & emotional support.


Keeping Children Safe

The North Manchester Network will work to keep children safe, particularly from serious or organised crime. This will be achieved by the Partnership working towards three objectives:  

Early Intervention: Work with families of children at a young age when they are receptive to new social norms and before they are engaged in serious or organised crime. Those targeted will be vulnerable to the influence of older siblings, peers and neighbours.

Targeted Work: Early intervention on its own will not suffice while the negative social norms of older, influential young people go unchallenged. We will mobilise youth work partners to target older young people via street based detached sessions, and individual coaching of young people displaying risky behaviours.

Creating and Accessing a Universal Offer: Providing a greater reach to young people and communities, including access to mainstream youth activities which will help them to continue in positive activities, personal development, and employment. Young people targeted will move into these services for sustained support. e.g. signposting to existing uniformed groups, sports clubs, arts and music activities.

Junior Choices cohort on residential at the Lake District


Active Communities Network
MaD Theatre Company
New Testament Church of God 

Funded by: 

Young Manchester

Theory of Change & Social Action

A program of activities will be delivered by local organisations representing diverse communities sharing a strength-based approach and common vision for North Manchester. Organisations will work towards the same Model of Change.

We want to see young people of North Manchester with healthy understandings of themselves, their families, communities and city they live in, in order for them to develop into positive, confident and active adults who bring benefit and transformation to their community. Our aim is to raise aspirations and offer young people (aged 13+) the opportunity for development and to engage in social action.

Youth & Play 2020 – 2022

After a successful project from 2018-2020, the North Manchester Network has been funded to continue our Youth & Play provisions with more organisations in the area. 

young people having fun

Successful Projects

The North Manchester Network has grown due to the successful delivery of partnership projects over the last few years. You can read about previous projects here:

The North Manchester Youth & Play Partnership aimed to make Manchester a world-class city for children and young people where they are able to realise their full potential and prosper from the city’s economic growth.

The Partnership’s focus was on Social Action through youth work, enabling more young people to take part in positive activities to develop themselves, whilst benefiting others in North Manchester. Social Action involved activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which enabled participants to make a positive difference to their communities. 

RADEQUAL was aimed at getting into communities and neighbourhoods early, having honest and often difficult conversations and working together to address and prevent some of the factors that could lead to individuals being radicalised and engaging in extremism.

You can read more about the RADEQUAL programme here.  

North Manchester Network Partners


4CT is a multi-purpose community organisation and charitable company, delivering services across the city and involving residents and volunteers in creating a better Manchester.

Abraham Moss Warriors

Abraham Moss Warriors, formed in 2000, is a multi-cultural club focusing on sport for families in Cheetham and surrounding areas. They cater for people from all backgrounds, ages, and abilities.  

Active Communities Network

Active Communities Network is a sport for development charity which uses sport as a pathway into education, training, and employment. 

Christ Church, Harpurhey

Christ Church in Harpurhey runs weekly youth groups to open minds and build relationships. They design their activites to develop Body, Heart, Soul, and Mind. 

Communities For All

Communities For All is a community-based organisation whose principal aim is to encourage community cohesion and integration, and to improve social and economic inclusion.


Groundwork works across Greater Manchester to create stronger, healthier communities, responsible businesses and greater prospects for local people. 

MaD Theatre Company

MaD Theatre Company provides quality and affordable drama workshops for disadvantaged young people and adults in Greater Manchester.

Manchester Young Lives

Manchester Young Lives works to promote the social and educational inclusion of children and young people. 

New Testament Church of God

New Testament Church of God in Cheetham Hill. 

Open Culture Project

Open Culture Project is a socio-cultural organisation promoting positive relations between Polish nationals and all British communities in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. 

Street League

Street League is a sport for employment charity. Their mission is to see an end to youth employment in the UK. 

Wai Yin Society

Wai Yin Society has been supporting, empowering and working in partnership with Chinese individuals and families since 1988.

YPAC Manchester

YPAC aims to be a stepping stone for young people and their families to strengthen and support the community within Miles Platting, Ancoats & Collyhurst.