As a children’s charity, Manchester Youth Zone is passionate about giving young people a voice and a platform to get involved in social action and make a stand for what they believe in.

Throughout the pandemic, our Girls Group have been discussing a host of topical issues in the world today, from the Black Lives Matter movement to Climate Change. Most recently they have been looking at Period Poverty, a topic really close to home for some of them, and they have decided that they want to make a change, and do what they can to make sure that no young person is unable to access sanitary products at any time. 

Its baffling to many that it’s taken until 2021 for Period Products to be deemed as an ‘essential item’, and whilst removing tax on such items is certainly a step in the right direction – for many, the cost of sanitary products is still more than they can afford. 

So let us introduce you to MYZ’s wonder women who are continuing the battle, speaking to local MP’s and creating ‘Period Packs’ for those who need it… 

Amanda, Aimee, Amelia, India, Renee C, Renee W and Ruby. 

” This is something that as a group we feel really strongly about. A girl recently died from toxic shock syndrome because she had to keep the same tampon in for days. It’s just not on. As young women, it makes us angry and we find it unfair that one in seven girls have had to miss school because they couldn’t access sanitary products. Period poverty is a challenge too many young girls face when they should be concentrating on their schoolwork instead “

After writing a letter to the local MP’s, this group of teens decided that there was still more to do. So, using Manchester Youth Zone’s Pantry and The Bread and Butter Thing as distribution centres, the team got to working on creating packs for young girls that included pads, tampons, a bar of chocolate and a message of positivity.

These vital packs provided young girls who previously struggled to access period products with a monthly supply, and as a team they decided that this is something that they are really passionate about continuing to provide, so have been looking at different ways to be able to fundraise to be able to provide 60 of these packs every month. 

They have set a fundraising target of £600, allowing them to continue the project for 10 months… so what are they doing to raise this money? Well they are certainly making a stand. 

Throughout March, a month that celebrates International Women’s Day, the team will be individually walking routes, that when mapped on Strava will draw out the letters to spell ‘Period Poverty’. 

They are asking people to sponsor them, and fundraise on this link – and ALL money raised will go towards items for the packs that they will continue to make in their own time at their designated spot in our Makers Space. 

They would also welcome any donations of Sanitary Products that could be included!