Some of our young leaders and the Junior members that they help celebrate #iwillweek by sharing why it is they volunteer and the Junior members let us know why they love their young leaders so much!

One young leader age 15 had this to say:

“I enjoy volunteering for FYZ because it’s good experience for my C.V. Also I enjoy helping young children and giving back to The Factory. Volunteering has given me more confidence to meet new people. I also enjoy helping to organise events. I have many responsibilities for working for FYZ because I mostly help working on reception, which I really enjoy.”

“I like to do volunteering because it helps out the local community and it gets me out of the house more often. Also it will give me more opportunities later in life.”
“I like that young leaders are kind”
“I like that they are fun and funny”
“They’re kind to other people and they get to play with you.”


Read more about the #iwill social action campaign on their website.