Ice Skating Family Day Out

We always strive to introduce our members to new and exciting activities and last month our young members and their families were treated to ice skating followed by a lovely meal thanks to the combined efforts of Manchester City Council, Skate Manchester and McDonald’s Manchester.

We were amazed by the talent and natural grace of many of our young people, and after polishing up their ice skating skills and working up an appetite participants headed over to McDonald’s at St Anne’s Square for a lovely meal which was the perfect end to a wonderful evening.

Our members expressed their joy and how much they enjoyed the event with comments including “this was the best evening ever” to “I am going to take ice skating lessons, I absolutely loved it”. 

Putting the evening together was a real team effort and MYZ staff were there on the night to offer support and ensure the evening was a success. 

Aside from our wonderful young people, some staff members also proved to be gifted ice skaters including our talented CEO Amanda Naylor who proved to be a real inspiration and led the way for the more nervous skaters.

“We understand at Manchester Youth Zone that to properly support our children and young people we often need to extend that help to siblings, parents and extended family.  Being able to give families access to City based activities that they can be excluded from because of affordability or transport, is such an important thing for us.

“Ice Skating was a fabulous example of how children, parents and staff can have fun together, building trust and relationships that continue back in the North Manchester community. Many thanks to the brilliant support from Manchester City Council, McDonalds and Skate Manchester that made it happen!”

– Amanda Naylor – CEO

It was a truly amazing evening and a wonderful experience.

We already have young people showing an interest in furthering their ice skating skills and taking lessons so who knows what the future holds?

Once again, a big thank you to all those who made this the most spectacular and fun event for our families.