"MYZ is helping me live dreams, be me and do what I want to do."

Roshay, 22

Roshay grew up in Beswick and after things broke down with her family moved to independent/ supported living in Hulme. It was her first time living independently and through a connection with a staff member at the hostel she was living in, Roshay enrolled on an independent living course run at MYZ. This helped her develop her cooking and home management skills. Being at the MYZ opened her eyes to the other activities on offer and she built a close working relationship with the Employment and Enterprise team, and she needed to find a way of making a living, through a job or developing her own enterprise.

Rosh is a singer, writes her own music, plays the piano, guitar and drums and is also a talented artist working in fine art and pencil.
Roshay started to work with the enterprise team to develop a digital platform to market her drawings on Instagram and advertise contact details for commissions. She then through a MYZ project called ‘Hatch Talent’ prepared a presentation to a panel of MYZ business leads to pitch for additional support, resource an expertise to take her to the next level. She wowed the business leads and successfully secured money to help her build her website to promote her work and studio space to display it.
From this MYZ then worked with Roshay to identify how she might take her talent for art and move it into a business that could be profitable. She felt that tattoo design, an increasingly growing market could help her sustain herself independently and move out of the hostel and be financially independent. Manchester Youth Zone worked with Roshay to complete a Rising Stars application and was successful in being granted £3,000 to fund a 2-day tattoo course in Wales where she has started her accreditation journey. Roshay is steadily bringing together all her passions into potential sources of income and whilst this is coming together with support from her employability youth worker at MYZ she has accessed a kickstart job role at One Manchester providing her with paid work experience.
Through her enterprise and employability journey at MYZ she has developed personally and professionally, and her self-confidence and self-esteem has increased building her motivation to keep going forwards.