From GCA to Harpurhey

On Thursday we organised a trip for our wonderful new supporters, GCA Altium, to send 23 of their staff to visit us here at The Factory Youth Zone.

We supplied the party with pick ‘n’ mix for their journey from their office in Manchester City Centre to Harpurhey, which went down a treat. CEO Richard Marsh and Chair of the Board Chris Davis (CEO of MoneyPlus Group) greeted them on their arrival. 

After a short presentation about the work we do at FYZ and why we are needed in North Manchester, the group were taken on a tour of our facilities. Our brilliant young people were on site to talk about what they get up to at The Factory Youth Zone and why they come.

However, we couldn’t let them leave without giving them a real taste of the chaotic, fun-filled day at The Factory: the Junior Sessions…

First stop: the climbing wall – it’s not just for kids! Once our Juniors showed the team how it’s done, it was time for GCA to take to the ropes and prove what they are made of… there were some great efforts, but they couldn’t quite reach the heights of our resident wall-crawlers.


Next, Team GCA and Team FYZ went head-to-head in a physically (and mentally) challenging Time Trial. While some of the GCA teams stormed ahead, others were well and truly taken apart by Team FYZ’s cooperation and determination to win on their home turf!


GCA Altium rounded off their day with a game of Skittleball outside in Harpurhey’s trademark mild weather. Not only did GCA have a significant height advantage, they were just as enthusiastic and competitive as our Juniors which made for an interesting match-up! 


I bet GCA were shattered after the day they had! We at The Factory Youth Zone would like to thank them for their marvelous support and hope they will drop by again soon!