A day like no other…

There’s countless benefits to hosting your team building day at Manchester Youth Zone; a unique, lively and fun environment, more activities available than you’d know what to do with, a staff team who specialise in engaging even the most reluctant of participants – and that’s just to name a few.

Maybe you’re thinking you know of other places that could do that too (though we’re sure you’d struggle!), so we offer you something no one can top… For every team day held at MYZ, we will replicate that for young people and promote that the day was made possible thanks to you.

So to put it simply, if you host a full day team building for 30 people, we will work with local schools to provide the same day for 30 young people, matching their learning objectives, helping to broaden their horizons, push them out their comfort zones and develop their skills.

Now that’s a big CSR tick right there!

5 step planning

Step 1: Let’s chat about what you want to get out of the day – aims and objectives! If you haven’t already been to MYZ, we’ll invite you over and show you our ‘see it to believe it’ facilities and talk you through our range of activities.

Step 2: Once we know what you want, we will look at how you want it – is it a full day of fun or a morning of conference followed by team building? By giving us your estimated numbers, we can also look for the best way to run things.

Step 3: Using your company values (and not forgetting any activity you are particularly excited about having!) we’ll pull together a range of different activities for you to choose from.

Step 4: We’ll send over our suggested format for you to check through and make any amends. 

Step 5: All we’ll need from you is confirmed numbers and any dietary’s, then its over to us to make final plans and we’ll see you on the day!

Example Day

9:30am: Registration, tea, coffee and breakfast barms

10am: Team Meeting

12pm: Lunch

12:50pm: Challenge brief by MYZ – delegates to be put in to team.

1pm: Let the games begin! 4 activities to run in a carousel format, each selected by you and based on a company value. Each team will earn MYZ Dollars to aid them in the final task!

Example activities based on values:

Enthusiasm (Bushtucker Gamble)

Integrity (‘Laser’ Maze)

Collegiality (Climbing)

Excellence (Art challenge)

2pm: All to come back together for an iconic game of Human Hungry Hippos

2:10pm: ‘Wacky Chariots’ – put your MYZ Dollars to use to purchase everything you need to design, build and decorate your own Wacky Chariot!

3:10pm: Each team to deliver a short statement introducing their vehicle, talking through the theme and giving some fighting talk! The challenge concludes with a race, where the teams put their chariots against each other in a timed lap.

3:30pm: Winners announced, company to do final speech

4pm: Close

The cost:

Facility hire

Activities, equipment and hosts

Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments

For 32 people


To find out more, or to book your team building day with myz, speak to Kirsty by calling 0161 203 5333 or emailing Kirsty.peters@manchesteryz.org