13th December #fyzadvent

Rebecca has recently completed the ‘Get A Job’ programme, on which she gained 100% attendance. Upon completion of the course Rebecca had a successful work trial with Wagamama and will […]

12th December #fyzadvent

We’re all ready and excited to welcome Vestacare, our lovely most regular customers, to The Factory Brew for their private Christmas party. Merry Christmas Vestacare, from everyone at The Factory!

11th December #fyzadvent

Today we are celebrating yet another successful round of FAC5! FAC5 is 5 week targeted programme for Years 2- 4 to give them a flavour of the sessions and activities […]

10th December #fyzadvent

This year on International Women’s Day, some of our Senior members let us know what they were thinking about. They are here to inspire the next generation!   #15DaysToGo  

9th December #fyzadvent

Today we are celebrating all of our young leaders in general. Since the start of Learn2Lead, there are have been over 1,200 volunteering attendances by young people! They have been […]

8th December #fyzadvent

18 year old Jaymee, has recently completed the ‘Get a Job’ course and is looking to start a career in the technology industry. She has been invited for an interview […]

6th December #fyzadvent

Hannah has been coming to The Factory for nearly 6 years and regularly speaks out about how it has helped shape her future. Recently Hannah was invited to speak at […]

5th December #fyzadvent

On Sunday 3rd December myself and 3 other volunteers attended the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, this was an amazing event that showed people what Onside Youth Zones do, I was […]

4th December #fyzadvent

During Sunday’s OnSide Ball, which other youth zones and patrons attended, No Youth, made up of two talented FYZ members, performed their latest music during pre-dinner drinks. Both Hannah and […]

3rd December #fyzadvent

Having been with The Factory since it opened (5 years ago!) Nicole is aged 18 and has been a member of The Factory Youth Zone for 5 years.  She has […]