Help Into Employment

We are part of the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme which offers a highly personalised approach to supporting young people who are facing major barriers to employment. The initiative works with young people aged 18-24 who have not been in employment, education or training for 12 or more months and who need extra support to help them along their pathway to work.

The Employability Team

Andy Rees – Enterprise & Employability Manager

Get The Support You Need

If you are a young person who is looking for help into employment, get in touch with Andy who will provide you with the help you need.

Call: 0161 203 5333

Case Study – James

James wanted to work in administration, was low on confidence and work experience. He is a bright and articulate young person, but finds it difficult to make decisions and was finding job search very tough. He was clear however that he wanted to work as an administrator as an entry into employment. James attended the Get a Job course regularly and contributed to the full. He told us from the start he did not want to work in hospitality, so we agreed to find a work experience placement suitable to his needs.

Following discussion with the MYZ Development Manager we identified an organisation that supports the Youth Zone called MoneyPlus, who are a successful and growing company in need of administrators. MoneyPlus agreed to offer James 2 weeks of work experience, which if he completed successfully, could lead to a 6 month paid contract of employment. The role is in the IVA department as an administrative assistant. MoneyPlus offered generous travel expenses and free lunch to James during the work experience.

James successfully completed the work experience placement and was offered a paid 6 month contract on the condition that he remains for the whole duration. He was happy to do this as he enjoyed the work experience and was keen to start work. He has recently started on the 6 month contract and is thriving.

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