6th June 2020

Hello, hope you are well today’s blog is about creating positive Mindsets.

I think mindset can change the way you go about life; how happy you feel and what you get out of life.

Mindset can help you grow more as a person.

What is it a fixed mindset and a growth mindset?

Carol Dweck an American researcher and professor who looks at what motives people.

She has a theory that there are two mindsets, you can have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. These mindsets affect how you go about life, your view on talent and ability.  How you face challenges and obstacles.

If you have a fixed mindset you view talent and ability as something you are born with and can be difficult to change. If a challenge came up, you more likely to give up.  They would see that failure is the be-all and end-all and any feedback that is given is taken to heart.

A growth mindset is that you’re less likely to give up and more willing to take on a challenge.  When failure occurs, they see it as an opportunity. Any feedback is taken on board as a lesson and a learning opportunity.

Tips on how to develop a growth mindset:

Instead of saying I can’t do this change to, I CAN DO IT.

 Things take time and practice to achieve what you want.

If something doesn’t go the way you expected, try it a different way next time.

 If you try something new or something you have not tried before, give it GO.

 Explore what you are good your strengths and work on your weakness.


 So until next week take care and enjoy your week- Beth

22nd June 2020

Hi, welcome today’s blog is going to be about being motivated when you’re in a slump or not feeling it.

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel unmotivated to do what you need to do?  This could be not going homework, exploring a new skill, fitness, or helping around the house.

Read, watch, or listen to something or someone who inspires you to do something.

Notice when you feel motivated, this could be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Take advantage of this, do the things you need to get done.

By splitting a big task into small steps will make the task more manageable.

Think about how it will feel after you have finished and how much better you will feel.

Do not give up, keep going, you can do it.

Set a Smart goal.

S: Specific (What the task will be)

M: Measurable (How do I know how much of the task I have done or left to do)

A: Achievable (I can accomplish the task)

R: Realistic (Can I realistically do the task and it is relevant)

T: Timely (Set a time or date to complete the task)

Ask someone for advice. Tell someone about your problem. Ask them to help you overcome the slump.

Ignore negative thoughts and look to adopt positive thoughts.

Hope you enjoy this, be safe have a good week.


15th June 2020

Hello, Welcome to this week’s blog about is about being passionate about something.

Being passionate about something

Have you ever met someone who is so passionate about something?  It is infective.

They tell you about what they are passionate about, and it makes you interested in what they are saying and can make you think differently about that topic.

I think some people have already discovered their passions and others have not, which is fine.

People can have very different passions, for example, football, music, cooking, and art.

Tips to help you discover your passion or to explore one you already have more:

  1. Take some time to think about what your passion is.

Is there something you enjoy doing?

Do you have a favourite subject at school?

  1. Explore different things, try it out to see if you like it or not. If you don’t like it move on to something else.
  2. Explore different places online such as tours of art galleries, museums, zoos, and wonders of the world. See if anything sparks your interest.
  3. Find time to explore your new passion
  4. Share your passion with others
  5. Make your passion has a positive influence on your life

Hope you enjoy this,

 be safe have a good week.


8th June 2020

Hello, Welcome to this week’s blog about different things you can do when the weather is bad.

If you are bored indoors, here are some top tips on activities that will help pass the time when it is raining outside.


Indoor Activities

  • Build a fort out of blanket and pillows
  • Play a board game or design your own board game
  • Make shadow puppets using a light/touch and make showdown shapes on the wall
  • Learn how to draw (there are youtube videos and tutorials online.)
  • Make paper airplanes and race them
  • Learn some Origami
  • Write a newspaper about news in your house and family
  • Try a Micro Treasure Hunt and hide small items in the house like buttons
  • Be creative, bake, paint, or write a poem
  • Also, you could look at our social media for challenges and activities

Hope you enjoy this, be safe have a good week.


1st June 2020

I hope you are all well Todays blog is going to be about sleep hygiene.

Have you ever had one of them nights where you just can’t sleep for whatever reason and the next day you feel sluggish and not as mentally sharp or happy?

Sleep is important to our physical and mental health wellbeing.

Sleep hygiene routines can help you sleep well regularly.

Tips for sleep hygiene:

  1. Try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time
  2. Avoid using smartphones/ computer screens at least 30 minutes before bed
  3. Avoid caffeine before bed and a few hours before
  4. Don’t take naps after 3 pm and if need to nap keep power naps to less than an hour
  5. Relax before bed (read a book, listen to relaxing music you could write down things you are worried about or to-do list for the next day )
  6. Take a hot shower or bath
  7. Have a good sleeping environment nothing too distracting
  8. Don’t lie in bed awake, if your lying in for more than 20 mins get up and do something relaxing like read or listen to relaxing music than return to bed
  9. Keep your bedroom at a reasonable temperature, not too hot and not too much light
  10. Avoid spending non- sleep time in bed spending time in bed doing other activities before you sleep in bed as your brain will not associate your bed with sleep
  11. Keep hydrated and active during the day
  12. Keep a glass/bottle of water near your bed if thirsty during the night

Hope you enjoy this, be safe have a good week .


18th May 2020

Hope you are well. Today’s blog is about being kind.

I think sometimes we forget to be kind to yourself, others, and the environment.

Being kind can help you feel happier.

Some tips on being kind to yourself, others, and the environment.

  • Read an inspiring book
  • Make time for yourself: do something you enjoy, have a nice shower or bath
  • Take good care of yourself:  get a good night’s sleep, keep hydrated, and exercise.
  • Look for the positives about yourself: think about your good qualities, if something bad happens do not be so hard on yourself, believe in yourself.

You could do some kind deeds for others

In your house you live:

  • Make a cup of tea or coffee for someone in your house
  • Offer to help with cleaning and tidying in the house
  • Make some food for them
  • Compliment/ say something nice to someone
  • Bake a cake or treat for sharing

To others outside your house:

  • Share food with people who are vulnerable in your area
  • Make them a card or rainbow
  • Smile and have a conversation with them (remember two metres social distancing)
  • Volunteer locally to help others
  • Offer to go shopping for those who cannot leave the house
  • Both: Buy or make a gift for someone close to you (could buy flowers)

  • Recycle and reuse
  • Try to minimise your use of plastic
  • Turn a light off if you leave that room


So until next week take care and enjoy your week- Beth


11th May 2020

I hope you are all well. Today’s blog is about wellbeing.

I personally find when I look after my wellbeing, I feel more relaxed and happier.


Tips to look after your wellbeing

Look after your physical wellbeing.

Being active can help your physical health and your mental health.

Some ideas you try are:

  • Going for a walk or a bike ride
  • Do a workout at home
  • Try an exercise you have not tried before like Yoga

Look after your sleep

Looking after your sleep can help you feel more well-rested the next day.

Some ideas to try:

  • Keep in a routine try and go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time
  • No screens before bed as the blue light they produce can keep you awake longer
  • Listen to some relaxing music or read a book.
  • Have a hot drink before bed
  • Have a hot shower or bath before going to bed

Be creative/ keep your mind active

This can help you feel like you have achieved something in your day.

Some ideas to try:

  • Make a card for someone
  • Draw a picture
  • Paint
  • Bake
  • Create a video
  • Take a photo

Do things you enjoy

Spending time doing something you enjoy can help you feel more relaxed and happier.

Some Ideas to try:

  • A hobby you enjoy like baking
  • Reading
  • Watching films, TV, or Gaming


Talk about it

Being connected can help you feel less lonely. You could share your experiences and share tips to each other.

Some ideas to try:

  • A chat with family /friend
  • Phone call to a friend
  • Chat with a neighbour (remember social distancing 2 meters from each other)
  • Facetime or video chat family or friends
  • If you want to connect with the Youth Zone, there is a need to talk button on the website

Learn something new

It can help keep your mind active and you may find a new hobby you enjoy along the way.

Some ideas to try:

  • Read a book
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn a music instrument
  • Learn a new craft skill
  • Learn a new game
  • Try a new recipe
  • Watch a virtual tour of a gallery, museum, or landmark.


Relaxing can help you have the space to think, feel less stressed, feel at peace, and calm.

Some ideas to try:

  • Keep to normal hygiene routine (showers and baths)
  • Listen to music
  • Watch TV Film or Video.
  • Meditate, be mindfulness, pray
  • Spend time outside in nature


So until next week take care and enjoy your week- Beth

4th May 2020

I hope everyone is doing well and had another great week? It is not getting easier but at least we are getting closer to being allowed out more! How did you find last week’s blog from the MYZ team? I hope you’ve found it useful. It’s been another extremely busy week for the Manchester Youth Zone and #VirtualYouthZone and well done to those of you who took part in the 2.6 fundraising challenge #MYZHomeHeroes to mark what would’ve been the London Marathon, we raised an amazing figure of around 11k for our wonderful charity!!!

Anyhow, to kick off this weeks’ blog I’m going to do a topic that’s really important – Being organised! The benefits of this are much underrated, as it saves us time thinking and allows to do focus on doing.

 So my 3 top tips, for ways to being more organised are as followed and I’m going to use three classic mottos that you’ve probably heard adults a thousand times, so apologies in advance! 

It takes a while to get into a routine, they actually say that after 21 days of us doing something, it then becomes a habit for us and less challenging, this can be related things such as our sleep pattern, exercise or our diet and many other things that spring to mind. So for example, if we are making use of our spare time, and we plan ahead and make time for things we need to do (revision/chores/work) we get to actually enjoy doing the stuff we like (entertainment & hobbies) and not feel guilty. This will make our lives so much easier by taking away the worries of overthinking things, and putting it off, if we have timeslots for tasks need doing, but also make time for the fun stuff we enjoy.

No matter what that is, have you ever heard of someone waking up one morning and being an expert in their field? I haven’t, any athlete, musician, actor, or even a bus driver, has had to practice in order to master their profession. There is something called the 10,000-hour rule, whereas this is how long they say it takes for professionals to master something to an extremely high standard, but it takes ultimate commitment and we can reap the benefits at a later date. This is the fun bit, deciding which things can wait and which (important) things need doing yesterday. It is up to ourselves to go through our daily or weekly chores and figure out which ones can be put off for a little longer and which, I personally have a routine every day of the week, but you will master this one day and get it.

We all work at different speeds’ so just pace yourself and find what works best for you when completing your goals and targets. Try and push yourself more each time to challenge yourself. Usain Bolt is the fastest human being that ever walked planet earth and has proven he would beat anyone he races against, but I would bet anything I own, he would lose a Marathon to Mo Farah! This is because we have to work on our strengths and utilise those. Look at the bigger picture 100m compared to 26.2 miles is a massive difference, if we tried to sprint during a long-distance run, we would burn out rather quickly just as if we jogged for a sprint race we would be left in the dust. Don’t do too much, too soon, and overdo it. It is very helpful to have a plan (what), plot (why) and strategy (how)

Remember we are all a “work in progress” nobody is the finished article – just yet! So be honest with yourself and give it your best shot, nobody is judging – now go and make a to-do-list now!

So until next time, take care and enjoy your week Beth

27th April 2020

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first blog, I hope you and all your loved ones are healthy, happy, and had a great weekend with the nice spring sunshine?

As we are all temporarily adapting to this new way of life, the MYZ team are always thinking of ways we can implement new things! We’ve decided to start up an exciting and brand new blog, 3 days a week, on the MYZ website. This will be done by myself, Corrina and Hannah … and you may even get some guest blogs from other members of the team! 

Anyway, to start the week off right, the first thing I am going to cover in my very-first-ever-blog-entry, is Structure. This is very important and underrated, in order to keep ourselves in some sort of routine that we had before everything went into lockdown. The small things that we do make a massive difference on the way we feel long term – I for one still use my diary & calendar to keep this up. This will also make it much easier for us to transition and re-adapt to how things were before all of this.

So 3 things we can do to help with this are…



  1. Going sleep at a reasonable hour & waking up at a similar time that as did before lock down. Even though what I am doing with my day has changed, I still go to bed about 10:30pm and wake up at 6:30am, as I did before. It’s a scientific fact that having a regular, consistent sleep pattern is much more beneficial to our body’s compared to us “having a lie in” at the weekend. Although some of us will need more sleep than others, normally the average amount of sleep we need to function properly is around 8 hours. 


2. Set yourself small targets for the day. How many pages of your book can you read? How long can you go without unlocking you phone? How long without switching on the TV? Make sure you keep busy and productive as much as you can between 9am and 3pm when you’d normally be at school/college – I personally have a to do list each day of things I want to achieve before bed! Try and focus more on what you enjoy but also on areas where you could improve.



3. Switch off and use your evenings and weekends for some hobbies, games, drawing, creative writing or whatever that may be! This is what the team at MYZ are doing – I’ve been aiming to read one book a week, and have managed it for the past month.

We are still working, just at home not at the Youth Zone. We’re calling to check in on you guys (who we really miss seeing!), sending emails, using Zoom, speaking to you on our social accounts and setting you fun challenges – and this is a big change for us! As will be the same for you with school/college stuff, our homes have become where we work so it is so important we remember to take some time to relax and look after ourselves. If we don’t look after ourselves, then who else will right?! 

That’s it from me this week, I hope you enjoyed reading and you found it useful. If you have any topics that you want us to look at blogging about over the next few weeks, let us know and I am sure we can help … we are Super Youth Workers after-all. o_0

Nice to blog you – speak soon!