This year has hit some harder than others, and over the last few months the gap between those who have, and those who haven’t, has become even greater. What some may consider as essentials are luxuries to others – from washing powder to washing up liquid, with bread and cereal in between. Therefore this year we will also be launching the MYZ Christmas Pantry – a supply of food and essentials that families in the local area can access should they need it. 

So what kinds of items could you donate to the MYZ Christmas Panty? … This list is by no means definitive:


❄ Cereal ❄ Soup ❄Pasta ❄Rice ❄Tinned tomatoes ❄ Pasta sauce ❄Lentils ❄Beans and pulses ❄Tinned meat ❄Tinned vegetables ❄Tea/coffee ❄Chocolate ❄Treats and snacks ❄Tinned fruit ❄Condiments and Spices ❄Broth and stock ❄Biscuits ❄UHT milk ❄Fruit juice ❄Squash ❄Sugar ❄Washing powder ❄Washing up liquid ❄Toiletries ❄Cleaning Products ❄Toilet Rolls ❄Deodorant ❄Toilet roll ❄Shower gel ❄Shaving gel ❄Shampoo ❄Soap ❄Toothbrushes ❄Tooth paste ❄Hand wipes ❄Laundry liquid detergent ❄Laundry powder ❄Feminine products – sanitary towels and tampons ❄Nappies ❄Baby wipes ❄Baby food ❄Face masks ❄Hand sanitiser ❄Dried fruit – raisins ❄Hot chocolate ❄Flour ❄Tinned tuna ❄Curry sauce ❄Ketchup


If you would like to make a donation to the MYZ Christmas Pantry, please email who will be able to arrange for delivery or collection (in a COVID secure way).