Venue: Manchester Youth Zone

Date: 4th November 

Time: 7:30pm

Ticket: £30

Free Bar

Event Sponsorship: From £500

Boogie Bingo is coming to MYZ and we couldn’t be more excited!! 

After nearly two years of tumbleweed, we’re kicking off our event calendar the way we mean to go on – providing you with an evening of fun, thrills and laughter, all whilst raising much needed funds to help the children of our city lead healthier, happier lives. 

As was the case for everyone, its been a challenging 20-months – restrictions and the pandemic changed both how we could operate and the needs of young people forcing us to reevaluate our work. However, this means that now, more than ever before, we have a greater understanding of the challenges both individuals and groups are facing, how we can best support both children and families, and how we can equip every single child that walks through our door with the skills, confidence and resilience to walk out of them with a brighter future ahead. 

But, we can’t do any of this alone. In 2019 over £250,000 was raised through events alone and throughout 2020/21 this left a big hole in our income. We were fortunate throughout the pandemic that there were relief funds become available to be able to help us patch that gap, but now as we start to move back to a more ‘normal’ world, we need to bring them back to ensure we can continue to be there for young people. 

We have so many exciting events coming up over the next year and we cannot wait to share them with you. We don’t want anyone rolling there eyes at having to attend ‘another charity event’ so we’ve created a brand new fundraising calendar that will ensure you will WANT to attend, not just any charity event, but an MYZ event!

Kicking things off, we have Boogie Bingo… and no, it’s not the kind of bingo you’d find your nan at (or maybe it is, there’s no stereotyping here!). It’s the kind of bingo that’s taken the world by storm, is guaranteed to get you up on your feet dancing, screaming at the top of your lungs, singing along to some iconic hits, and winning what could possibly be some of the worlds worst prizes known to mankind… but prizes you would do anything to get to take home! 

Oh, and did we mention there’d also be a free bar?…