Patrick, Joseph and Susan

"There is something for everyone at Manchester Youth Zone and it has been lovely to be able to be part of the MYZ family too!"

Patrick Mendy, Joseph Mendy & Susan

Joseph aged 20
When Joseph first attended the youth zone, due to his autism he was very literal and was eager for everyone at the youth zone to follow the rules. This can be really tricky when you have 149 other young people having fun and engaging in activities. Since being a member Joseph’s social skills have thrived and he understands the social better and can now joke along with his peers. Through his love of Trampolining, Quiz Running and Cooking, Joseph has moved out of his comfort zone and is always up for a new challenge. Recently Joseph has become a Young Leader and runs exciting challenges on the 11 to 14s sessions and is particularly respected by the younger members who love the activities he runs in the Recreation Area.

Patrick aged 16
Dad came home wearing a youth zone t-shirt as he was volunteering, Joseph wanted to come where his dad volunteered. Patrick followed Joseph’s footsteps and joined too. Both boys have autism and are part of the inclusion group.
Patrick has blossomed since joining and his communication has developed. His speech has come along leaps and bounds. He now a key player of the MYZ football team. You can usually see him scoring the “Patrick Hattrick” each evening. Through engagement with the range of activities Patrick has learnt life skills that he will take with him throughout life.

Susan aged 12
The only female sibling in the Mendy house with two older brother and one baby brother. Susan is natural care giver in the family and attends the youth zone to have fun with friends. Susan is a regular attender of the 11 to 14s and she is usually found: singing, dancing, taking part in challenges and making new friends. The youth zone gives her a space to herself and gives her time away from a busy household.